NEXTECH Industries Inc has developed a full Line of Modern LED lights for your ATV or UTV.
We have lights for all uses and fitments from the small but powerful MINI MAX all the way up to
our high output Baja Ready light bars.
Led is the brightest longest lasting type of off road light available and at NEXTECH we are leaders in LED!!
NEXTECH LED Lights have more output per size, 50,0000 hour no maintenance life span and awesome looks.

SR10 11" and 5" on RZR

For the ultimate performance we have 10w per LED single row Light Bars! NI-SR10These bars use the latest technology from Cree, (T6 LED lightsource) Giving them 30% more output power per width than 3w double row bars!

NI-SR5 on Can Am
For extra light when you need to see what is in the distance we have low profile NI-SR5 light bars which use Cree 5w LED chips. From 20w 5.5" long (4 LED) up to 150w 31.5" long (30 LED).
NI-SR5 on Can Am

Also available for our NI-SR5 light bars is bar clamp system available for 1.5" and 1.75" bars.

NI-SR5 Bar Clamp Close up
10w LED x 6 light bar
For the ultimate performance we also have 10w per LED single row Light Bars! NI-SR10
27w LED Light Front View 27w LED back
Our NI-9L27 driving light produces an awsome amount of light. Put a pair of these on your ATV or UTV and you have a ton of light for wherever the trail takes you!
10w LED Light
Our NI-10W1L produces the equivalant Lumen output of a 100w Incadescent bulb!
More than enough to light up the night! 1 or 2 of these on your ATV is sure to impress!
For a very tunable light you could add a pair of these in spot, euro and flood patterns on a UTV roll bar and have the ultimate aim for the close and far distance terrain.

NEXTECH has developed a line of high performance LED lighting for the offroad ATV / UTV market.
The Future in offroad lighting is LED, They consume less watts per Lumen (light output) than other source (Halogen, HID).
Our 10w and 3w per LED are the premium lighting solution running at 100 Lumens per watt @ 25°C, 90 Lumens Per watt at 60°C.
Compare that to Halogen with a max 18 Lumen per watt and you can see why this is the Offroad lighting soulution you are looking for.
As an added bonus they look Bad Ass and are slim at 2.6" high.
Coming in many lengths from a 2 LED 4.8" long pumping out 1800 Lumens to a 24 LED 40" long pumping out 21600 Lumens at 240 watts.
Or for more compact lighting solutions we also offer single 10w LEDs or 9pc 3w LEDs in a compact square package
At 180 watts a halogen in comparison would only give a sad 3240 Lumens! Less than our 8" 10w Light bar which produces 3600 Lumen.
Constructed of rugged powder coated diecast and extruded aluminum with virtually unbreakable PMMA lens.
Add that to the stainless steel bracket and hardware, IP 68 waterproof to 1m rating and waterproof Deutsch 2 pin connector.
These are built to last! Especially when the LED lightsource is rated to last 50,000+ Hours = 2083 Days of continuous Light!!!

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