NI-HL10 10w Helmet Light

When you want a large amount of light where you are looking we recomend one of our Cree LED Helmet lights.
These lights have a lightweight Lithium Ion battery pack that lasts over 3 hours on full power! And produce the equivalant light output of a 100w standard bulb.

HL10 Zipper Case
Shown what is included in the zipper case.
NI-HL10 Car Charger
12v Car charger.
NI-HL10 Rigid Handlebar mount
Rigid Handlebar mount.
NI-HL10 Voltage regulator
Voltage regulator to connect to 12v DC power supply for unlimited run time. This is used in place of the Battery.
NI-HL10 w/ Li-Ion battery  $195.95  
NI-HL10 w/ Regulator $195.95       
Optional Accessories:
HL10 12v Car charger  $14.95              
HL10 Rigid Handlebar mount  $9.95   
HL10 Lithium Ion Batterypack  $49.95
HL10 1 Meter extension cable  $9.95
NI-HL10   Specifications 
LED Cree T6
Luminous Flux 1000 Lumen
Lifespan 50,000 Hr
Material Class 3 Hard Anodized T6061 Aluminum
Lens Glass
Switch Tail Touch Switch
Modes 4 100%, 40%, 10%, Flashing.
Battery Li-Ion 8.8 Amp/Hour
Charge Time 3.5-4 Hour
Run Time 100% 200 Minutes
WaterProof Level IP-65 (Rain / Dust)
Reflection Cup Vacuum Hammer Finish, Polished
Working Temp -10°C to +40°C
Light Size 44mm x 47mm, 1.76"x 1.85"
Weight Light / Battery 126 gram / 246 gram 372g Total
Accessory Included Helmet Mount, Li-Ion Battery, 120v Charger
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